Moolah is new Fintech Company incorporated in Singapore

Moolah! empowers the employed to take control of their own finances and achieve financial freedom

Low income families often forced to borrow to cover unexpected bills ╸ Can have difficulty getting credit, often forcing them to seek alternative financing ╸ This is often the most expensive form, charging excessive interest

Economic Objective

Moolah! aims to prevent employees entering cycles of debt caused by loans, overdraft fees, high-cost-credit and payday loans

This means people come to work stressed, distracted and makes it hard to be productive .

At its most extreme, it can lead to poverty or even unemployment

Mental Health Objective

Moolah empowers the employed to take control of their own finances, alleviating financial stress – Financial stress is the number one workplace concern for staff

What we offer is a fuss free way of getting your money faster, cheaper and hence allowing you to meet your financial needs without ever having to worry about repayment.

  • Employees can get advance access to their pay check from the Moolah! App
  • Moolah! gets repaid by the employer in the usual monthly payroll cycle
  • No interest, just a simple upfront transaction fee
  • Approach your HR today to find out more details

Join us in the ever increasing number of companies offering this essential benefit to their employees

Participate in the employee delight journey, take care of their well being. Address their worry so they can focus on serving your customers and growing you business.